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Comprehensive Sustainable Practices

The benefit of an environmentally sustainable office environment has been promoted for decades. Just about everyone is concerned with environmental responsibility. CPM One Source is committed to the environment with a determined mandate that extends throughout all facets of our operations. We recognize our environmental and social responsibility by offering energy saving product lines and abiding by industry “best practices”, keeping a close eye on how we can continually improve our policies and practices. We share with our clients what is and what isn’t “environmentally friendly”. This enables them to make going “green” easier as well as cost effective.

CPM One Source is committed to a continuing effort to reduce, re-use, and recycle the materials that we use and distribute each and every day. Our group believes it is important to include an integrated design process to incorporate the desires of the client while still ensuring an efficient project.

CPM One Source – Reuse Initiative
Tons of material diverted from landfills


February 2014 Amount

Year-to-Date Amount
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CPM One Source Recycle Process

To ensure that our waste is being disposed of properly and sustainably, CPM One Source works closely with recycling and re-use partners who, like us, are committed to sustainability. After each disposition, CPM One Source creates a detailed transmittal sheet verifying what and how much material we have disposed of and it’s final location. CPM One Source’s goal with each project is to make sure our carbon footprint is as discrete and limited as possible.

Donations, Re-use and Repurposing

CPM One Source is dedicated to repurposing and re-using furniture and equipment whenever appropriate. Throughout our company history, CPM One Source has had a tradition of generous donation. Our donation and re-use policy works hand-in-hand with our recycling process and repurposing practices to formulate, what we feel, is one of the strongest sustainable Green policies in our industry.

LEED and Sustainable Green Building

Our team is capable of working with LEED standards to make sure your building or individual space is environmentally friendly and functional. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green facilities.

CPM One Source has teamed with some of the leading product manufacturers and vendors in the country. Many of our furniture and architectural products suppliers’ products contribute to sustainable green building and LEED point scores. These manufacturers adhere to a “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy where materials are perpetually circulated in closed loops to maximize material value without damaging ecosystems.

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