Manufacturer GSA Contract Number About Manufacturer
KimballOffice_200 Kimball Office GS-29F-0144C Kimball Office's award winning office furniture inspires productivity and collaboration with an emphasis on design and sustainability.
MAI_200.jpg MAI GS-10F-0079K Conceived with the industry acronym of “Modular Architectural Interiors”, MAI products provide unparalleled flexibility and quality. Our integrated modular design concept is also inherently sustainable and MAI office interiors can easily be re-purposed for the next owner or tenant without ending up in landfill.
ALLERMUIR_200 Allermuir GS-28F-0024U Allermuir offers a comprehensive and diverse collection of products designed by some of the world’s most talented designers and specialize in supplying furniture for office, conference, reception and corporate environments.
AS_RB 1Col AllSeating GS-29F-0144C Allseating has an on-time guarantee, to their on-line specification tools for both their chairs and Anatome collection of personal work tools, ther're always putting their customer's needs first.
Humanscale_200 Humanscale GS-14F-0029M Humanscale made its first significant mark as an innovation pioneer in the late 1990s with the introduction of high-performance articulating keyboard systems, which offer effortless one-touch adjustability while eliminating the knee-clearance issues associated with competing solutions. Today the company is the runaway leader in that product category. But it was Humanscale’s entry into the task seating market that truly turned heads.
leaves CCN International GS-28F-0017R Since 1985 CCN has provided distinctive executive, conference, and reception furnishings that are superbly crafted and engineered. Their success is based on their ability to respond to specific requirements of size, specialized storage, exotic veneers, custom finish match, or accommodation of equipment and cabling.
Lencore_200 Lencore Acoustics GS-35F-0601U Lencore Acoustics is the masking, paging, music and mass notification systems preferred by industry professionals and Fortune 500 companies around the world.Lencore Sound Masking and Paging Systems provide proven increases in privacy, comfort and productivity.
CabotWrenn_200 Cabot Wrenn GS-28F-0049M Cabot Wrenn makes the very best product possible in the areas of materials, construction, tailoring and seating comfort. Cabot Wrenn combines timeless design with a full range of ergonomic features such as comfort, style and durability.
CampbellContract_200 Campell Contract GS-28F-0012U Campell Contract is a premier manufacturer of commercial seating and occasional tables. As a leading resource for design professionals, their products have been specified for a variety of settings ranging from corporate to hospitality and college and university to healthcare.
Cherryman_200 Cherryman GS-29F-0129G
Over the past decade, Cherryman has been instrumental in legitimizing the value market in commercial office furniture and has been recognized as a benchmark for delivering sustainable value solutions across the U.S and Canada.
ERG_200 ERG International GS-29F-0229D ERG has been known for quality and craftsmanship in the corporate, higher education, healthcare, government and hospitality markets. As one of the leading seating and table manufacturers, ERG offesr an extensive product line as well as create custom furniture for their customer's most demanding needs.
FurnitureLab_200 Furniture Lab GS-27F-0010N The FurnitureLab™ is the place to go for inventive tables and chairs. The FurnitureLab provides clients with a wide range of standard designs, in-house design support, and a quick response to all their client's needs, we make the entire process easy and accessible.
National_200 National GS-27F-0024V Over thirty years ago, National was created to be a differentiator in a saturated marketplace by offering quality office furniture at a better value and with shorter lead times.
Nucraft_200 Nucraft GS-28F-0031R Nucraft creates finely designed, inventive, and meticulously crafted furniture for conference rooms, lobby and reception areas, private offices, and training areas. Their furniture provides image-conscious organizations with solutions that elevate the aesthetics and performance of their facilities.
Connectrac_200 Connectrac GS-28F-0016V Connectrac has representatives throughout the US and Canada. It sells its products through electrical distributors and contract furniture dealers. Its products are being used in almost every type of facility – corporate, government, education, airport, healthcare and casino.
DeskMakers_200 Desk Masters GS-29F-0013W Desk Makers manufacture both laminate and wood veneer casegoods and tables as well as wood guest chairs, they offer an unparalleled variety of finishes and styles, and have become one of the leading office furniture manufacturers on the West Coast.
izzy_200 izzy+ GS-29F-0009X At izzy, they love using design to solve problems, but their focus is really on people. It’s this love and respect for people that drives Izzy's commitment to being approachable, which in turn drives their ability to create better design through listening and collaborating.
KRUG_200 Krug GS-28F-2100D Krug is a leading designer and manufacturer of office and healthcare furniture solutions. Their customers include many of North America's growing companies, and our products are specified by designers, architects and major distributors across the continent, and beyond.
La-Z-Boy_200 LA-Z-BOY GS-28F-0008V Everyone at La-Z-Boy is determined to make their clients shopping experience as comfortable as possible. La-Z-Boy believes charitable giving, environmentally responsible manufacturing and investing in our local communities is an integral part of the business plan.
Trendway_200 Trendway GS-28F-0003V Trendway offers a wide breath of interior solutions-ensuring their customers will find just what they need to create inspiring workplaces. From seating to tables, moveable walls to panel systems, freestanding desks to filiing, they'll appreciate all Trendway can do.
LifeSize_Logo LifeSize GS-35F-0582V LifeSize® Communications, a division of Logitech, is a pioneer in the video conferencing equipment market – and has been for years. They are leaders in the industry and believe that the true value of HD video conferencing solutions is achieved when it is broadly available to anyone, anywhere.
SAFCO_200 Safeco GS-29F-0010P Safco products were specifically developed to meet the changing needs of the business world, offering real design without the great expense. -Designs that help accomplish more, designs that ensure comfort and efficiency and, most importantly, designs for less.
Berco_200 Berco GS-28F-1121C Berco believes that that the more emphasis that is placed on the manufacturing process and design will ensure that their tables are, without question, the best made tables in the industry.
Bernhardt Logo 120in Bernhardt GS-28F-7040G One of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Bernhardt produces a wide variety of signiture furniture pieces.
ESI logo ESI Ergonomic Solutions GS-14F-0722G ESI’s primary focus is improving efficiency by adding comfort, flexibility and mobility to the computer workstation, catering to office, healthcare, and educational environments. ESI is a Nationally Certified, Woman-Owned Business, and a GSA Contract holder.
Eurotrend_200 Eurotrend GS-28F-0037W Eurotrend services designers, architects and recognized dealers across the country with a vast array of custom dècor solutions that are functional, durable, authentic and well priced.
Falcon_200 Falcon GS29F-0289H For fifty years, Falcon has been the ‘go to’ resource for designers and architects who demand high quality table and seating products for their clients' commercial space. Falcon’s product line is focused on training, learning, meeting, and dining.
GrandRapids_200 Grand Rapids Chair Company GS-28F-0011K Grand Rapids offesr more seating and table selections for a wider spectrum of environments. They are one of America's leading providers of tables, chairs and barstools for use in any setting – education, food service, hospitality, health care, office and more.
GreatOpenings_200 Great Openings GS-28F-0001S Great Openings provides quality metal filing and storage products to the office furniture industry for almost 30 years.All of Grand Rapids products are built-to-order. This enables them to quickly and efficiently manufacture, paint, and assemble exactly the product their customers need, when they need it.
Highmark_200 Highmark GS-29F-0020J Highmark is a national manufacturer of Commercial Seating Products for Corporate, Educational, Healthcare and GSA environments. Specializing in intuitive, clean, affordable and green products. Highmark produces a wide range of style and ergonomic functions.
Indiana_200 Indiana Furniture GS-29F-0012J Indiana Furniture is committed to providing its customers with office furnishings of the highest standards in design, quality, and craftsmanship. They operate ethically, value people and communities, and protect the environment.
Intellaspace_200 Intellaspace GS-28F-0017W Intellaspace™ is the leading brand of advanced ergonomic products and workplace organizational tools. Intellaspace products provide companies with solutions necessary to meet or exceed ergonomic standards for workplace and employee comfort, flexibility, and mobility.
Inwood_200 Inwood Office Environments GS-28F-0026K Inwood creates a higher value with customized service and support by practicing “limited distribution” through experienced and industry knowledgeable dealers. The result is an assurance of enduring designs, unmatched customer service, only the best hand-selected materials… and at the foundation of it all: meticulous craftsmanship.
MagnusonGroup_200 Magnuson Group GS-07F-0308W
Magnuson Group offers a broad collection of support furnishings and accessories that are essential to the design and function of any space.
Nemschoff_200 Nemschoff GS-28F-2116D Nemschoff never lose sight of that value, which has helped them become a leading provider of quality healthcare furniture.
NeutralPosture_200 Neutral Posture GS-27F-0014Y Neutral Posture is recognized as the leading provider of ergonomic solutions, high quality and innovative products and accessories, consulting and training. These products and services will help their customers create a safe and comfortable work environment.
Nevins_200 Nevins GS-28F-0039P Nevins’ mission is to deliver the most comprehensive furniture solutions to their clients, solutions which promote increased productivity and creativity in the workplace. Their successes are based on: their focus on clean and functional designs, allowance for a multitude of material choices and convenient options, support for their beliefs in the integration of technology, and commitment to environmental responsibility.
OfficeMaster_200 Office Master GS-28F-0007W Office Master understands that office chairs are more than just something that people sit in. In fact, after your bed, your office chair is likely to be the place where you spend the next most amount of time. Therefore, it is an important part of your life, and we recognize that.
Source_200 Source International GS-29F-0128B Source International understands the value of on time execution to the Contract Furniture industry, and they enjoy the reputation of being a reliable and responsive supplier to an increasing network of office furniture dealerships and designers.
Spacefile_200 Spacefile GS-27F-0041X Spacefile International Corp delivers individually adapted solutions that transform work environments. Spacefile believes in their product and team. Their superior quality and excellent customer service set them apart.
Corriander_200 Coriander GS-28F-0014X Coriander is a testament to excellent customer service, superior products and the value of the family name. The superior products coupled with a dedication to customer service, has made Coriander into a responsive partner for the industry’s needs.
Dauphin_200 Dauphin GS-28F-1119C The focus in designing room layouts should be on the individual human being and their precise needs. This is what Douphin firmly believe in. To achieve this aim, they have brought together their brands, their know-how and their integrated approach under the umbrella of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group.
Emeco_200 Emeco GS-27F-0031M Emeco creates the most long-lasting chairs and tables in the world. With a meticulous, hand-crafted approach to production, Emeco combines beauty and durability like no one else.
Encore_200 Encore GS-29F-0022M Encore has been focused on a single goal: combining the best materials with the highest skilled craftsman. Quality hasn't been an accident. It’s about process and people.
JCartwright_200 Jack Cartwright The performance of the Jack Cartwright exceeded the industry growth, indicating acceptance by the design community, distributors/dealers, and consumers. From two employees to over two hundred today, three facilities in North Carolina produce a variety of contemporary seating.
Keilhauer_200 Keilhauer GS-28F-0023L Keilhauer has adapted their organization and their products to ensure that they provide solutions that satisfy the needs of their customers and make sure that their customers can rely on then to have that product where it needs to be when they need it. And then, once delivered, to stand behind it.
StanceHealthcare_200 Stance Healthcare GS-27F-0015W Stance Healthcare Inc is a Canadian manufacturer of healthcare furniture products of the highest standard of quality.
Tayco_200 Tayco GS-27F-0004Y You can count on Tayco's dedicated customer service professionals for friendly and informed assistance, whether their clients are looking for information or action on a request. Tayco's promise is "no problem." The Customer Service team is dedicated to making good on that promise.
Thonet_200 Thonet GS-28F-0045M Thonet today, as in the past, is considered a pioneer of furniture design throughout the world.
Versteel_200 Versteel GS-28F-0008S
Versteel is dedicated to securing a supportive work environment where teamwork, safety, personal growth and self worth all contribute to exceeding customer expectations.
Lyon_200 Lyon GS-27F-0012M Lyon has grown to become the largest and leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality lockers, industrial storage and workspace products. Our primary mission is the continuing development of innovative high-quality products that serve our customer's needs and provide the best possible locker, storage and workspace solutions.