Modular Glass and Movable Dividing Wall

ALUR Frameless Glass Wall

Winner of the prestigious “Best of NeoCon” award, ALUR combines the simple elegance of glass with the precision of cast aluminum. ALUR glass walls transform what was once hidden into an inspiration of form and function. Natural light cascades through the clear glass walls. Architectural details are accentuated. Mechanical components are beautifully concealed. Finally, a wall system that is truly alluring.

Quality Features

ALUR is constructed of clear polycarbonate resin and has a 93% transparency rate. ALUR has a beautifully thin profile and is PVC Free.  ALUR features a patented tongue & grove design that allows for dry joint assembly.  ALUR glass wall will not discolor and can be specified with I, L , T and 45° joints, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency for your space plan.  Some key features of the ALUR glass wall system include:

  • ½" Tempered Glass
  • Discreet Glass to Glass Joints
  • Minimal Framing
  • Up to 10' high
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Scratch Resistance Finish
  • Seismic Approved

ALUR Dividing Wall

ALUR Dividing Wall is a componentized wall system that attaches directly to ALUR Glass Wall and fully integrate with CPM One Source System Components. The highly flexible design of the ALUR Dividing Wall supports 28-½" and 69" high off module attachment and integrated Modular Power/Voice/Data cable support.  The brushed aluminum finished trim and recessed reveals are designed to match perfectly with ALUR glass wall.

ALUR Dividing Wall frames are load bearing, capable of supporting hang-on furniture components on both sides of wall, and comes with an optional green 100% post consumer P.E.T. core and septum achieving the industry’s highest STC rating.

Total Flexibilty

ALUR Dividing Wall defines the boundaries and function of private offices and conference rooms without separating them entirely from the rest of the floor through the seamless integration of ALUR Glass Wall. Representing the next generation of movable walls, ALUR Dividing Wall features easy to assemble frames, off module design and integrated power, voice and data cabling for greater flexibility in adapting to changes in layout and technology.

Ensuring Your Privacy… Beautifully

ALUR Dividing Wall also features multiple tile options with a variety of finish options, including thermofused melamine, fabric wrapped, marker board, tackable-acoustical and wood veneer options.  The tight seams and optional acoustical core insert, with a patented design, offer an unmatched STC rating.

Download ALUR Brochure

pdf - ALUR Product Brochure (2.05 MB)

Frameless Glass System

The ALUR Glass Wall system features ½" tempered glass, polycarbonate “dry joints”, minimal top and bottom channels, and beautify designed hardware, including full height sliding glass door mechanisms that are fully integrated into the top frame of this movable wall system.

ALUR Glass Wall is fabricated with ½" thick tempered glass for superior rigidity and sound attenuation. Glass edges are flat polished and chamfered to a precise angle forming a virtually seamless fit when combined with the dry joint.

Flexible and Functional

With a variety of finish options, ALUR Dividing Wall is designed to be a flexible solution that fits beautifully into your space.  ALUR Dividing Wall tiles are available in Thermofused Melamine, Fabric Wrapped, Marker Board, Tackable-Acoustical and Wood Veneer options.  With integrated voice/power/data, ALUR is as practical as it is beautiful.

Furniture Integration

ALUR Dividing Wall supports off-modular applications and fully integrate with MAI System Components.

Streamlined and Elegant

Combined with the discreet glass-to-glass joints and no vertical posts, the ALUR Glass Wall low profile channels create the stunning impression of a vast expanse of unsupported glass. This movable wall system with minimal framing also creates a more streamlined and elegant appearance compared to other bulkier unitized wall systems. The aluminum is bead blasted to prevent fingerprints and for a scratch resistant finish.