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Priority™ by Kimball Office

About flexible individual workspaces that unify effortlessly into an integrated, flowing whole. While such insights come as no surprise, what you may not expect is this: the degree to which we have gone in creating an all-encompassing solution for every level of an organization and each individual within it. Priority is the culmination of a concerted effort on the part of our design team to comprehensively address a new era in workplace planning.

Definition™ by Kimball Office

As much as workspaces constantly change, certain needs endure. In particular, the very notion of a “private office” is evolving daily, but the prerequisites for many organizations remain: the stature of a solid desk, the presence of generous storage and the character of warm wood surfaces. Definition® from Kimball Office still delivers it all, reinterpreted and refreshed to be more, in a word, contemporary. Design is about possibilities, and in the pages that follow, you will indeed discover many.

In specifics, it delivers flexibility for multigenerational workforces, provides balance between focus and collaboration, and integrates technology with appreciable cleverness. New storage and leg options are present to help you open up the overall visual presence.

Fluent™ by Kimball Office

Evolution is the only constant in today’s workspaces, and we’ve fully embraced it in wood, glass and metal. Kimball Office proudly launches the clean and modern. The versatile and adaptable. The sustainable and simple to configure (and reconfigure) desking system with a very fitting name. Fluent.™

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President™ by Kimball Office

When you take a seat behind a President desk you’ll appreciate the artistry of our craftsmen, who fashion select materials into objects of beauty and function. The President office strikes a balance between conveying status and supporting work.

Senator™ by Kimball Office

Senator’s extensive selection of furnishings addresses how individuals choose to work and supports their technology requirements. Traditional styling, a wide array of sizes, options and easy-to-use support for electronic equipment make Senator an intelligent choice for the new classic office.

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Innsbruck™ by Kimball Office

In Innsbruck, classic styles are reinterpreted. Innsbruck reflects the simple, elegant Biedermeier neo-classic style of the 19th century. Timeless design elements and exquisite craftsmanship enhance Innsbruck’s character. Combine the elegance you desire with the functionality you need.

Transcend™ by Kimball Office

From reception areas to manager offices to executive suites, Transcend’s versatile aesthetics and specially designed storage components free you to design environments that connect with clients and accommodate different
job functions, work styles and personal preferences.

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