Engineered to support

The flexibility of a knitted, mesh back combined with a patented, fully adjustable lumbar support system makes Cpod a trailblazer in ergonomic seating innovation. Five easily adjustable, independent zones, three semi-rigid pivot points and various control and arm options for personalized comfort.

Dynamic technology combined with an array of fabric or leather seat colors, Cpod redefines the meaning of customization.

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One chair seats all

Designed to meet the needs of anyone in any work environment. Fluid’s breathable, elastomeric, tightweave mesh distributes body pressure evenly and maximizes air circulation. Seat depth, tilt tension, synchro-tilt mechanism and multi-functional task arm can all be tailored to support virtually any body type. Combining this level of comfort with a streamlined design, chrome accents and soft armrests, with Fluid, you really can please everyone.

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Inertia makes itself right at home

A true multi-tasker, Inertia Task manages to juggle functionality, good form and affordability. Inertia Task comes in both Highback and Midback options, with either a fully upholstered or lightweight, breathable woven mesh back. With its Synchro Tilt back mechanism, Inertia Task offers comfort and support all day long.

Inertia Stool is also available in a standard 8″ or optional 10″ stool package, making it ideal for accommodating varying work surface heights.

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Work brought to life

Viva features a boldly designed back that automatically self-adjusts to your body type and movements, comfortably holding you in position throughout your full range of motion as you move from task-to-task. Its patented mesh technology makes Viva incredibly smooth and remarkably strong, while air-cushioned arm caps protect against abrasion and wear-and-tear.

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It’s all about You

Because you spend the majority of your day, every day, sitting in a chair, our You™ chair is designed to make being in the seated position more ergonomic and more comfortable.

At the core of the You™ chair is a deluxe synchro-tilt mechanism that smoothly reclines in perfect synch with your body movements. This visually appealing mechanism includes infi nite tilt lock, seat pan adjustment, tension adjustment and height adjustment. Also, simply turning the activation dial a few clicks causes the mesh to bow and provide the precise tension you need. So whether you’re going to be glued to your desk for the day – or gathering for a quick conference – you can quickly and easily make the adjustments you need to be at your best.

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Add a little Zip to your workplace

Work may always mean business, but isn’t the bottom line really about people? are they productive? Are they feeling good? Are they supported as they should be? Making itself right at home in every corner of the workplace, Zip brings a welcome dose of personality to the entire office.

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