Fluid Concepts


Product Overview

Hybrid™ performs across a wide spectrum of office environments including high and low workstation clusters, call centers, private offices, full height walls and reception areas.

The architectural building blocks are easily planned within 3 planes and multiple angles and consist of vertical posts and horizontal beams which support worksurfaces, storage, space dividers, electrical and data/telecom services, and workstation accessories.

Planning Flexibility

  • Posts are available in 4-, 6- or 8-channel configurations, and in round or oval profiles,which enables 90°, 120° and 135° planning.
  • Posts can be initially specified as segmented, or added later to stack onto existing posts.
  • Post heights are available at 29″, 36″, 42″, 49″, 67″, 84″, from floor to ceiling, or in custom heights.
  • Height Adjustment. Worksurfaces and storage are attached to the columns’ continuous vertical channel which provides infinite height adjustment.


Product can be disassembled into its simplest raw material components for re-processing. Hybrid posts, beams worksurfaces and storage are all recyclable.

Power & Wire Management

A structural wire channel or modesty connects every column enabling ample wire flow, cable management, and houses our harness-linked 8 wire/3- or 4-circuit power system, and 2-4 data/telecom access ports. Posts provide a conduit for power/data wire delivery from ceilings and floors.

Download Brochure: pdf - Fluid Concepts Hybrid Brochure (333.34 kB)