Initiate a Better Work Environment

Why start building your work environment with Initiate? Because it’s simple, smart and sustainable. It provides exceptional long-term value through durable construction, exacting fit and finish, and easy reconfiguration. And it offers several features that reduce its environmental impact.

Simple Segments

Segmented panels give you the look of tiled panels without the added expense. A single model number eases ordering, installation and inventory. Segmented panels can be integrated with non-segmented panels for
additional design flexibility.

A Sustainable Choice

Nature Core makes Initiate a smart choice for the planet as well as your office. Made with fibers from an annually renewable plant, Nature Core is just as effective as fiberglass in blocking and absorbing sound – but it’s much better for the environment. Initiate is also better for your health – Indoor Advantage Gold certification proves it!

Download Brochure: pdf - HON Initiate Brochure (1.7 MB)