A modern approach to the tradition of wood

Strength, beauty, elegance, sophistication. Cetra has it all—along with the planning convenience of systems furniture, the warmth of wood veneers, the solidity of steel frames, and the design flexibility of a wide range of panels, finishes and trim. Plus, because Cetra is so strong, you can stack panels up to the ceiling and in extra long runs without wings, giving every part of the office, from reception desks to private conference rooms, the feeling of permanence and importance that only comes from wood.

Wood just where you want it

With Cetra, you can mix fabric, metal, glass and wood in almost any combination to achieve a distinctive interior statement. Go all the way with wood to create a formal, professional environment that lets clients know you take their business seriously. Lighten the look for managers and other staff by adding some texture or color to tiles. No matter the combination, Cetra’s rigid panels and steel-to-steel connections stay solid for decades to come.

Beauty above and below

Cetra’s finishes are designed to integrate flawlessly with Kimball Office case goods and tables, seating and Footprint components. You can coordinate paint colors, too. Wood doors and drawer fronts on strong metal frameworks let you get beauty up front and durability behind the scenes.

Delicious colors, delectable finishes

Mocha, honey, espresso, caramel, toffee, and more. Choose from a full palette of luscious wood finishes to create grandeur, go bright and light, make a modern statement, or simply add some tonal touches. There are so many things you can say, with wood.

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Integrated design strategy

Footprint offers an integrated portfolio of worksurfaces, support elements, storage units, and mobile pieces for creating workspaces with more possibility and personality. They work together with all Kimball Office systems furniture, including Traxx,® to expand design, function, and price point options.

And they’re available in a coordinated palette of materials and finishes, allowing products to be blended simply and easily. With their virtually unlimited compatibility, Footprint components can be combined and recombined to meet a wide range of space, application, task, aesthetic, and budget goals.

Integrated combinations

Through its integration strategy, Footprint provides greater flexibility to create more looks, serve more functions, and meet more price points. An extensive and coordinated offering of details, materials, and finishes ensures aesthetic cohesiveness—wood finishes complement metal paint colors, laminates coordinate with fabrics.

Just as important, Footprint’s integrated design offers a wide range of application opportunities—freestanding private offices, open plan environments, and collaborative team spaces can be fashioned using standard components. With its
inherent versatility, Footprint allows you to move fluidly across a broad spectrum of workspace solutions.

Integrated functionality

From reception to interaction to concentration, Footprint blends the advantages of freestanding and systems furniture with powerful results. Workstations start with the systems furniture of your choice—including Traxx. Add worksurfaces, storage, support elements, and tables to suit the worker, task, and application. Footprint’s interchangeable desking components respond nimbly to diverse office settings. An integrated variety of material and finish options works in perfect harmony with Kimball Office casegoods and seating, expanding design opportunities.

Integrated choice

Footprint allows you to create a custom look from standard components. Choose from a wide selection of geometric and curvilinear worksurfaces, tabletops, and transaction counters, and an array of support options. Add storage and filing components—highback organizers, storage towers, bookcases, even wardrobes. Further tailor the look with a cohesive collection of materials and finishes that includes wood, metal, translucent plastics, glass, laminates, and thermofoils. With such a broad range of options, Footprint lets you make the most creative and efficient use of your space and your budget.

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Organize your mind

Hum is an open plan solution designed for individual focus, collaborative tasks, and everything in between. Hum for individual and focused work. Hum understands how people work and what they need to work better. Hum echoes the way our minds organize, coordinate, and collaborate. A better experience for minds at work means better performance.

Go to zones

There is no right or wrong way to work. People need spaces that reflect their own working style. Go To zones are adaptable multi-use spaces that allow everyone to organize their mind in their own way. Your workspace reflects you, and the
way you want to work.

From one to many

Hum for collaborative and interactive work. We work alone, we work together. Hum helps you switch modes, from individual work to teamwork, within the flow, without disruption, without booking a meeting room two floors away and two days away, without the need to move, change places, or shift context. From I to we without changing place. From I to we without changing pace.

Configurations for every workspace

Hum for total flexibility. Hum is an adaptable solution that works in tight spots and out in the open. Hum delivers for individual needs, for different working teams, and for whole organizations. Hum is designed to help improve office-wide interactions.

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Interworks EQ®

Sometimes the simplest solution is the smartest solution

The Interworks EQ panel system provides everything you need to set up workspaces, without any of the usual hassles. Straightforward components make it a cinch to understand, plan, specify, install and reconfigure. Clean lines and durable construction mean the system looks as good years from now as it did the first day it was installed. Plus, Interworks EQ integrates with other innovative Kimball Office products, so you can make a functional, productive and visually coherent office, without breaking a sweat.

Sustainability focused

Interworks EQ exemplifies Kimball Office’s commitment to the environment. It’s certified as low-emitting furniture; fully Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) compliant.

Improve the productivity of people by improving the productivity of space

With Interworks EQ, you can build workspaces that are highly functional and won’t bust your budget, but will still be interesting and inspiring to employees. With just a few key components, including our innovative hinge connector, everything comes together quickly and simply to make spaces that reflect hard work and great taste. And Interworks EQ is just as easy to take apart, manage and put back together, to accommodate change and growth.

Snap in and plug in

Interworks EQ features increased data cable capacity and an improved electrical system that reduces installation time. The top-channel has enough capacity to lay in as many data cables as required for today’s high-tech work force. And you can set up data and electrical plug-ins at either the mid- or base-wireway.

Make hard work a little less difficult

With Interworks EQ, you can make workspaces that accommodate every job function, from welcoming reception areas, to offices that let staff meet, greet, strategize, confer and get more out of every hour of the day. A wide range of sectional and stackable panels improve functionality, communicate professionalism and express your company’s individual style.

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Now, your ideas need not be confined to the cube

Xsite is a frame and tile system that lets you think beyond the usual vertical and horizontal constraints. Run walls around architectural elements. Design offices of almost any dimension. Make turns at 120 degrees. Place storage components where they’re most useful. Go monolithic inside the office, and modernist on the other side. Whatever office you’re dreaming of, Xsite can make it real.

Set your offices free

With Xsite, complete off-modularity is built right in. The Traxx mounting system is integral to the frame, so you can place tiles, work tools, desks
and storage anywhere you want. Xsite lets you make the most of your wall space and your floor space.

If these walls could talk

Use low walls (30,” 42″) to keep communication moving between stations. 50″ walls provide seated privacy, yet daylight streams in. Or build high (68″) to ensure conversations stay inside the office. Xsite frames are available in five heights, with stackers that let you build up to increase privacy.

No matter how tall you go, tiles can always be placed independent of the frame, so there are no limits to your creativity. And, you can give staff just what they need to stay organized, on task and productive with Footprint® storage. Cabinet, drawer, file and shelving components are available in many shapes, sizes and heights, to give you plenty of options to customize office configurations.

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Synergize your space

Turn architectural elements into useful square footage. Personalize any area to fit your work style with Traxx. Traxx is a simple, but revolutionary, horizontal mounting system. Traxx rails attach directly to building walls, allowing you to place storage, worksurfaces, panels, functional tiles and presentation tools wherever you want them.

The simple Traxx rail is the key element of this ingenious system of horizontal support for Footprint worksurfaces and storage, tiles, and more. Mounting to building walls. Traxx attaches to the existing building structure—studs, blocks or solid masonry—without additional blocking, because of its horizontal orientation.

Plan Freely

Traxx maximizes floor space, optimizes vertical space, and eliminates panel redundancy. You can even create a built-in look using standard Footprint components. Traxx allows placement of panels, components and worksurfaces to be 100% off-module. You can field scribe Traxx to
work within the constraints of the interior architecture and allow easy access to building utilities.

Traxx traverses columns and building obstructions, making every inch of space available for use. Scribe the worksurface to fit around existing architectural elements and support it from Traxx, to create useful workspace anywhere. Traxx-suspended worksurfaces leave building utilities easily accessible. Tiles can be scribed around light switches, thermostats and building obstacles.

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