Space Planning Services

Space Planning for Function

Space Planning service is available to facilitate the organization of your relocation or remodeling project. In designing your office layout we take great consideration of the functionality of your office design. Heavy traffic areas, staffing teams, work flow, and managing effectiveness are issues that are considered in designing your office layout.

To provide maximum functionality of your office space, we have to ask you many questions. We ask you for a “Wish List” of items in designing your new office layout. We want to know things like:

  • Do clients visit your office?
  • How many copiers do you have?
  • Which staff members work together?
  • Who uses the fax machine the most?
  • Which staff members should we keep apart?
  • Are there any shared printers in the office?
Space Planning is more than simply dropping in generic work areas that fit into the available office space. It involves effectively maximizing the use of your office.

Would You Like More Help?

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