Disposition and Recycling Services

Asset Disposition — A Growing Concern

Asset disposition is a significant issue for companies of all sizes. Many find asset disposition particularly challenging as it is considered a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. Additionally, being environmentally and socially responsible is an ever growing concern for everyone. With these factors in mind, asset disposition often times becomes secondary and reactionary.

CPM One Source offers organizations an easy solution to asset disposition with our newly developed relationship with L.A. Shares, a non-profit organization who works with us to recycle or donate our clients unwanted items. As a value-added service partner, we help our clients create a successful and sustainable asset disposition process.

Integrating Disposition Into Your Management Processes

Many times the return on investment of an asset disposition and recycling program becomes blurred by the cost to inventory, break down, recycle, and document. The recovery value of recycling or reselling assets is often difficult to determine due to a lack of transparency by the disposition broker. CPM One Source keeps owners informed with clear asset documentation and reporting. We manage asset disposition with powerful and easy-to-use tools that support your business models and decision making.

Sustainable and Responsible

With the ever-changing environmental laws and regulations, as well as increased corporate accountability, it is more important than ever for organizations to make prudent decisions about asset disposition and recycling processes. CPM One Source is a complete asset disposition and recycling service provider. We offer a variety of integrated solutions that are flexible to your needs, allowing CPM One Source to address your specific asset disposal requirements and objectives.

CPM One Source’s mission is to dispose of any furniture or equipment responsibly and with confidence that it being diverted from a landfill. Our company has paired with an outside group who works with us to recycle and donate our client’s unwanted items.

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