CPM CAFM Software Solutions

CPM One Source has developed a Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system unique to each individual client. Typically CAFM systems are developed to support areas of facilities management through information technology. The CPM CAFM system allows our team to manage our client’s assets as well as their project specifications, modifications and progress.

The CPM CAFM system not only allows our team to keep track of your projects and assets but allows your team to keep track of them too! Our portable label printers and compatible iPads® make inventorying your assets fast and efficient.

What Can CPM CAFM Do For You?

  • Space Management
  • Space Forecasting
  • Asset Management
  • Move Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Furniture Tracking
  • Field Measurements
  • On-Site Barcoding
  • Personalized Client Logins
  • Instant Online Access
  • Available Daily Support
  • Prompt Reports
  • Track Storage Items
  • FICM Standards

Why You Need CPM CAFM

CPM CAFM provides your in-house facilities staff with the tools to streamline planning and management processes. CPM CAFM also improves customer service and reduces facilities costs. CPM CAFM is iPad compatible, easy to use and web-based, enabling access anytime, from anywhere.

General users can submit move, service and project requests as well as create customized accounts and enable permissioning of views, data, reports and floor plans. User data and submitted requests are autonomous and cannot be edited by other users. Admins can view all floor plans, assets, and employee information as well as request reports. CPM CAFM also has the ability to generate color coded floor plans based on desired criteria.

CPM CAFM clients will receive personnel training documentation as well as Operations & Maintenance Manuals (O&M). Confidentiality agreements, annual or quarterly maintenance and customer support documents can be easily tailored and configured to your organization’s specific needs. Some of the industries utilizing CPM CAFM include, Higher Education, Corporate, Commercial, Healthcare, Government, and Laboratory.

CPM CAFM Modules and Features

Space Management

  • A tool to manage space and occupancy across multiple locations
  • Gives a complete and accurate view of your facilities with real-time access to global facilities data
  • Allows you to view floor plans & seat assignments, run live reports, dynamically search and query data

Strategic Planning

  • Acts as a tool for forecasting future space needs ad exploring planning scenarios
  • Instrumental in making real estate and relocation decisions

Asset Management

  • Tracks furniture, equipment, computers, artwork any other physical assets
  • Able to search assets either on the floor plan or within database
  • Allows you to view photos of individual assets
  • Capable of interfacing with barcode systems

Move Management

  • A tool for coordinating all move related activities over the network and intranet
  • Information tracked includes lists, move dates, telecommunication needs, network service, and requirements

Would You Like More Help?

CPM One Source is in the business of helping organizations of all types. We are a full service project management company specializing in office relocation, furniture procurement, space planning & design, furniture reconfiguration, storage & warehousing, and asset management.