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CPM understands that a thoughtful designed work and office environment encourages people to communicate, collaborate, make decisions and help foster productivity. CPM offers a broad range of design and furniture management services, from specification and procurement to delivery and installation.

When it comes to office furniture and design CPM believes everything starts with you. Who knows better about your workspace needs and style than you? Our skilled designers are ready to assist you with office space planning, creating specifications, furniture procurement and overseeing a smooth delivery and installation. CPM is affiliated with over 150 of the most innovative furniture and vendors in the world. We guarantee that together we can create a solution that meets your needs.

During the CPM design services, the team works closely with you to identify your furniture fixture and ergonomic needs. We provide cut sheets, pricing summary spreadsheets, images and 3D renderings all for the purpose of bringing your office furniture and space to life. CPM will tailor a furniture plan for the specific needs of any workplace and do it within your budget, schedule and space requirements.

In addition to CPM helping with furniture purchasing and space planning, CPM has an audiovisual team that will find the best solutions for your technology needs. Whether your business requires lighting controls, screens, smart TVs, conference microphones, or housing your PC server, our team of project managers, engineers, programmers and certified technicians are ready to assist solving your audiovisual needs.

Office furniture is a significant investment and more importantly a critical decision in any office environment. Understanding the relationships between workstations and common areas, job functions and productivity will help CPM to specify office products and solutions that will transform your office space into a highly productive work environment that reflects your company’s culture and operational goals.

Furniture Management Services

  • Contract Vendor Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Space Planning & Design
  • Specification & Procurement
  • Relocation & Reconfiguration
  • 3D Rendering
  • Purchase Order Coordination
  • Shipping Management
  • Delivery
  • Installation & Punch List
  • Furniture Maintenance & Repairs
  • Audiovisual Systems by
              Technology Design Group

Furniture Procurement Saves Time and Money

Budget Evaluation

CPM will help you develop and analyze all options to ensure that you maximize use of your budget within the procurement process.

Risk Management

Furniture procurement and installation is expensive regardless of whether you are purchasing new or reusing your existing furniture. CPM will help you avoid missteps during the process in furniture procurement and implementation.

Reduced Administration

Coordination among your designers, manufacturers, contractors and building owners is critical to a successful process. CPM will work with your contract vendors and manage the entire process, from furniture purchase to installation, ensuring that building codes, insurance requirements and scheduling are met.

Cost Savings

Significant cost savings can be realized through reuse or refurbish of your existing furniture. CPM will help you weigh out the pros and cons of reuse versus acquisition.


  • CCN
  • Humanscale – Ergonomic Chairs & Accessories
  • Custom Java Centers
  • Fluid Concepts
  • Technology Design Group-Audiovisual &
               Video Conference Equipment

CPM Architectural Glass Wall Systems



Glass Walls Provide Open, Collaborative and Private Workspaces



Demountable Glass Wall Systems Offer A 7-year Accelerated Depreciation



Freedom of Versatility Perfect For The Design Oriented Space

Luceplan – Decorative Lighting

CPM One Source has partnered with Luceplan, a lighting design company based in Milan, Italy to install lighting products throughout the CPM Studio at The CalEdison Building located at One Bunker Hill in Downtown LA.

Luceplan is a lighting company started in 1978 and based in Milan, Italy. Known as the epicenter of design, Milan and Italian design have influenced Luceplan. The objective of Luceplan is to create an industrial culture of light and this is done by spending time and money in research, thinking outside the box, by taking risks and pursuing ideas that apply to space and people.

“Light is life, and good lighting is a necessity. We need it to reveal and illuminate every moment of our present.”


A suspension lamp with an organic form that conceals the magic of silence: the body consists of a sound-absorbing panel covered in white fabric, to improve acoustic comfort in any space. Available in three sizes.

Pétale Brochure


Synapse is a new product type, halfway between object and architecture. It is based on an intelligent three-lobe module grouped in infinite configurations to make luminous space dividers. The basic piece contains a printed circuit and three variable-color RGB LEDs, regulated by means of a practical remote control.

Synapse Brochure


Like the cells of a beehive, the hexagonal modules of Honeycomb are freely grouped in a suspension lamp of captivating organic symmetry. The hexagons, connected by clips, form a self-supporting structure to contain energy-saving halogen and LED sources, for direct and indirect lighting.

Honeycomb Brochure

CPM Healthcare Solutions

Whether you’re specifying for a healthcare facility today or planning for tomorrow, CPM One Source offers the products and a committed focus for better outcomes at all levels. Healthcare is changing rapidly and CPM is committed to delivering a better environment for your healthcare facility.

CPM partners with Technology Design Group LLC to work with you to find the perfect audiovisual solution for your business. A solution that matches your needs, budget and timeline. CPM and TDG will create an amazing audiovisual experience for your business.

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Bimos Chairs

Bimos is a leading European manufacturer of industrial and laboratory chairs. For over 50 years, they have designed chairs with a focus on keeping people productive, healthy and happy at the workplace. They have a wide-range of workplace chairs with many options available to meet your chair seating solutions. Bimos is a brand of the company Interstuhl and have more than five decades of expertise in seating and share the same objective: “to increase the productivity, health and motivation of the people who sit on our chairs by providing them with high-performing, ergonomic, comfortable and well-designed seating solutions”.

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CPM partners with Technology Design Group LLC to work with you to find the perfect audiovisual solution for your business. A solution that matches your needs, budget and timeline. CPM and TDG will create an amazing audiovisual experience for your business.

  • Building Energy Management Control Systems
  • Video Telepresence Hardware
  • Digital Signage
  • Recording and Streaming Media
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Small to Large Venue AV Rental Programs
  • Studio Video Conferencing Rentals
  • Master Programmers for: Crestron, AMX, Clear One, Extron
  • Integration with Mac, PCs IOS, Android and Microsoft Lync

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