Healthcare Solutions

Whether you are specifying for a healthcare facility today or planning for tomorrow, CPM offers the products and a committed focus for better outcomes at all levels. Healthcare is changing rapidly and CPM is dedicated to delivering a better environment for your healthcare facility and your patients.

Exam Rooms

Keeping Pace with your needs

Evolving healthcare requires medical interiors to be flexible. Exam rooms must fit providers needs while keeping pace with medical and diagnostic advancements.

Healthcare facilities should enable these ongoing advances along with providing the patient with an environment that promotes positive healing out comes. CPM One Source provides exam room design and furnishings that support today’s healthcare interiors.

Treatment Tables

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Information Centers




Patient Rooms

Spaces that promotes healing

CPM designs patient rooms and other caregiving settings that deliver the highest standard of excellence for healthcare facilities. CPM provides patient room solutions that support infection control and enable ease of cleaning without compromising aesthetic quality or functionality.

CPM helps healthcare facilities better manage the cost of long-term ownership, by offering durable products which can significantly extend the useful life in real world environments. This also has the benefit of reducing your environmental footprint – as many of our offered products contain high recycled content (enough to contribute to both LEED credits), and the option of materials to meet indoor air emissions certifications.

Information Boards

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Sky Design

Waiting Areas

Comfortable, Durable, Sanitary.

CPM designs waiting areas that are more reassuring, putting visitors and patients at ease. CPM offers furniture that is scaled and ergonomically contoured for easy entry and exit, while also supporting family and caregivers during long waiting periods. Antimicrobial surfaces provide cleaner environments and less risk to patients and their families.

Our solutions for waiting rooms combine infection control features, durability, replaceability, supportive comfort, range of models and sizes, and range of aesthetic options. CPM has the perfect solution for your public and waiting areas.

Consultation Offices

Professional and flexible consultation spaces

Whether it be a consultation room or a Physician’s private office, CPM One Source creates practical, professional spaces that maintain a caring atmosphere.

CPM offers an endless array of top quality furnishings that solve a variety of needs. CPM spaces reflect a passion for designing professional and flexible consultation spaces.

AV Equipment




Physician Offices

Staff Areas

Areas to recharge

The ability to relax and refocus is critical for healthcare providers and care takers. CPM approaches breakroom and staff areas with the same sense of importance and attention to detail as any other area in your facility.

CPM offers solutions for breakroom and staff areas that solve a variety of space, personnel and functional requirements.

Locker Room


Nurse Station



Solutions for specialists

Healthcare facilities often accommodate a wide variety of specialties. Whether it be support services such as Phlebotomy and Lab Analysis or Behavioral Healthcare or Pediatrics as a primary practice. All of these specialty services require unique solutions that are appropriate and efficient.

CPM is helping care facilities, institutions, and laboratories solve their space, furniture and equipment needs with quality products and design services aimed at exceeding your expectations.

Behavioral Health


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Fresh Coast


Synchronized Clocks

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Healthcare Icon Alert Signage

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Magnetic Marker Boards

Skyline Design

Magazine Racks

High Tower

Lighting & Accessories

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Office Systems


Demountable Glass Wall


Modular Wall Systems

C & P

Acoustical Space Dividers


Decorative Wall Elements

High Tower

Audiovisual Areas

Technology to communicate and treat

Technology is allowing for more and better ways to communicate visually with colleagues and patients alike. Undoubtedly, technology integration is advancing as quickly as any other area of your facility. CPM is committed to staying abreast with these advancements and integrating them into treatment and communication solutions that have real benefit to healthcare providers.

Mobile Treatment Carts


Video Conferencing



Presentation Systems


Charging Cabinets


CPM One Source Healthcare Partners

Are You Ready to Accomplish Extraordinary Things?

CPM understands that keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of healthcare is vital. And we are committed to developing solutions with you that will deliver a better environment for your healthcare facility.

CPM is ready to create solutions with you to meet your needs.

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