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3 Strategies For Creating Your 2019 Collaborative Workspace.

Written by: Rock Lee, CPM Workplace Enthusiast

A collaborative workplace has a tremendous impact on how employees work. The designed work environment has the power to encourage—or discourage—team members’ creativity, productivity, and collaboration. 

A collaborative workplace is more than just a trend. It’s a proven business practice, with benefits for the company and for those who do the work.

Granted, developing a collaborative workplace environment isn’t easy—it requires well-planned communal spaces, the right furniture and tools, good organizational leadership and communication, and a shared commitment to goals.

But it’s fully worth the effort. Let’s take a look at three strategies to implement to succeed in a collaborative workplace.

Strategy #1: Offer different settings of workspaces

Offer your employees different scenarios and workspace types. When people want to work independently, they may prefer to escape the noise and sequester themselves in a quiet room where they can focus without interruption. But when they need to bounce ideas off other members of their team or circle back on a project, small collaboration spaces are essential. In other words, a variety of workstations is critical for supporting both autonomy and collaboration.

Strategy #2 Give the tools needed for employees to collaborate.

Wether working remotely or in the office, make it easy for an employee who is working individually to easily hop on a call with teammates or a client. Meeting spaces with the right technology tools allow employees to easily schedule a meeting, reserve a conference room and bring remote employees in via videoconferencing The right tools allow more a more efficient workflow by easily connecting with others.

CPM Project Farfetch – Collaborative Workspace

Strategy #3: Create detailed processes to manage employee autonomy.

When you offer different types of workspaces and allow employees the freedom of autonomy, its wise to manage the risk of an employee taking advantage. To prevent this here are two strategies.

Hire employees that can manage autonomy and create clear processes. If the employee’s workflow efficiency dwindles with autonomy, they probably are not a good culture fit or do not belong in the position.

Make each employees work process and job responsibilities clear. The metrics and standards that you measure your employees work allow you to keep them accountable and in return, the employee knows what performance to achieve. For example, you may choose to give employees the opportunity to work from wherever they like but require them to be available for meetings or calls during certain period of time. If they are not available, take disciplinary action.

CPM Project Puppet Labs – Collaborative Lobby

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