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A Relocation Project Manager is like a Maestro

What does a Maestro, referred to as an Orchestra Conductor, have in common with a Relocation Project Manager?

They Have a Plan

The conductor will study the music score prior to the first rehearsal and become familiar with the piece and how to interpret it. In other words, what is the vision and how will the piece come together. The same for a relocation project manager, the conductor of a relocation project. Like the conductor, the relocation project manager initiates a meeting to clearly understand the scope of work, identify the constraints and formulate a vision on how the project will come together. The relocation project manager will then bring the team together to review the scope of work and define roles and responsibilities, making sure no details are missed. The relocation project manager provides the master planning and programming, directing the team members, including the client core team and stakeholders on tasks to be accomplished on the project.

Great conductors and relocation project managers attract great people and the best people want to work with the best conductors and relocation managers.

A Visible Leader

Second, by standing on a platform the conductor is visible to the orchestra. This allows the conductor to dictate the tempo as well as make sure everyone is in sync. One of the most crucial parts the conductor plays is that she leads with her heart. She is passionate about the piece of music and brings the emotions out of every player; everyone is fully engaged in the music.

By being front and center and conducting all meetings, the relocation project manager is visible to the client and the relocation team. The relocation project manager leads the team and everyone works together as an extension of the internal team to synchronize the vision, accomplish common goals and meet the deliverables and deadlines set forth by the client

Delegation is Key

The conductor can only focus on her part, leading the orchestra. She cannot actually play the music. She delegates the rest to the orchestra members. At the end of the piece, the conductor bows to the audience and turns to the orchestra, invites them to stand and bow as well. It is a team effort. Without the musicians, the music would not be possible.

The relocation project manager is the main and single point of contact throughout the entire project and can only focus on her role which entails developing the plan, logistics and coordinating all phases of the move. This takes the stress out of the move for both the client and the relocation team. The relocation project manager delegates the rest of the relocation team. At the conclusion of the project, the relocation project manager finalizes all tasks and formally closes out the project. it is the entire team that came together to achieve the vision of the project with an experienced leader guiding them.

Ensures Consistent Performance

Lastly, the conductor and the musicians will perform countless times in countless cities and countless venues, making them masters of their trade. The relocation project manager does exactly what their title indicates – they plan relocation projects, day in and day out. The relocation manager and team go from one relocation project to another. The duration of the project can be as quick as 3 weeks or as long as 7 or more months depending on the size and scope of the project. The project can also be a single phase move or multi-phase move. It can be an internal move or a complete move out of one building and into another.

Relocation Project Managers have an in-depth knowledge of what to look for, what to anticipate and are pro-active and flexible in developing contingency plans to mitigate risks and minimize business disruption. Whether you’re in a 5-person office or a multi-floor headquarter location with 1,500 or more people, relocation planning requires someone who is experienced in the process and knows how to plan every detail that goes into the logistics and coordination of a relocation. Hiring a relocation project manager will ease the pressure, reduce the stress and disruption during a relocation transition and make it easier for everyone involved.

Relocation Project Managers are leaders. They initiate, plan, monitor and control, execute and close out the project. They bring a vision to every project with years of experience specifically on relocation projects. Let them be the conductor of your relocation project and provide you with a masterful performance.