CPM plans and manages the design, build, and relocation of your next project.

For more than 25 years, CPM has provided project management and development expertise for several hundred million square feet of commercial office development, corporate headquarters, financial centers, high technology, hospitality, government, and educational facilities around the world. CPM represents you every step of the way to accomplish your operation expansion, strengthen your brand presence, and attract/retain your best talent.

CPM not only helps our clients make the right project decisions, but executes and delivers the results they need to be productive and successful. It is not as simple as saying, “on time and on budget.” It is about providing an interdisciplinary team delivering innovative facility solutions in complex environments.

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CPM Leads Organizational Change and Leadership For Fortune 500 Companies

CPM provide C-suite executives and high-level personnel with valuable office space information. Combined with our CPM relocation management and design teams, the software allows us to create innovative and holistic solutions that enhance the workplace experience, wellness and performance for our clients’ workforces.

CPM Space Management Software 

CPM Space Management Software is the gateway to manage your entire workforce. From way finding to space utilization, our integrated workplace management software is the key to managing your workplace.