CPM Owner’s Representation: Expand Or Consolidate

Every location decision, large or small, affects an organization's strategy and operations. CPM specializes in comprehensive business relocation and overall project management services with proven processes and methodologies with over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, coordinating, implementing and executing office relocation projects. Working with brokers, landlords, and important stakeholders, we represent your interests first to maximize your future business plans, whether it’s the relocation of an existing office or expansion of your talent.

CPM Owner’s Representation: Temporary Space & Renovation

Renovation of your current lease space means moving your business out for the duration of the undertaking. This type of project often happens in 2 phases: relocation into a temporary space and relocation to the new space once renovation is complete.

By bringing in a CPM as an Project Manager and Owner’s Representative, we drive your relocation project by representing your best interests with brokers, construction managers, and other important stakeholders. With our expert team handling your project, you stay focused on your daily business knowing that your project has the necessary resources and attention for success.


CPM analyzes your specific move and storage needs to create a solution that meets your requirements. We can also provide a comprehensive inventory of all items to be moved. We are committed to excellence in customer service and we strive for accuracy and timeliness so employee productivity is unaffected.

Whether you are relocating your inventory, moving a factory to a new space, or transferring a heavy piece of equipment to another facility, CPM has the experience and expertise to get your project done properly on time and within budget.


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CPM Specialized Project Management Tools

Our consultants study your company’s structure, culture and business objectives, then analyze your relocation program using a variety of tools and processes.

  • Cost analysis: Measure costs against industry standards and identify potential savings

  • Process mapping: Review program processes to streamline and improve efficiency

  • Benchmarking: Assess your policies against comparable programs and industry standards

  • Best practices: Monitor evolving relocation practices and incorporate the very best


CPM Consultants Resource: Relocation Technology

Monitoring and tracking the details of a relocation program can be daunting. CPM Space Management Software makes it simple, providing up-to-the-minute details for you and your employees.