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Creating a Business Incubator with the UCLA Anderson School of Business

CPM was brought on board to transform 10,000 square feet of library stacks into an accelerator space, also known as a business incubator, for their aspiring entrepreneurial students running startup businesses and trades. The space was intended to provide a collaboration hub where they could use the latest technology to develop concepts and strategies.  

From the beginning brainstorming stages in 2014, the project came to completion September 2015. After months of planning, specifying and coordinating with key stakeholders & vendors, the furniture was delivered and installed without a hitch.

Proving to be the latest trend among Universities, these academic incubator spaces have helped prep the next generation of business go-getters, enabling them to transform their ideas into realities practically overnight.

CPM was challenged with the task of creating an academic space that was not the traditional classroom or library. With the idea that students would be forming business partnerships with those in and outside of academia, the approach was technologically driven.

Utilizing flat screens and smart boards integrated with cutting-edge technology allows students to connect with people locally or all around the world, and more importantly, with those who normally would be out of reach.

The space was divided into training rooms, collaboration spaces, small meeting rooms, and working lounge areas all of which are conducive to starting a business from the ground up.

CPM worked with the Business School’s Dean’s department to determine the furniture, fixtures, and equipment that would make the space professional, comfortable and most importantly, inspiring.

Our project team outfitted their design with leading manufacturers such as Kimball Office, Prismatique, Fluid Concepts, Allermuir, C&P, Infocus, and Lifesize.

The project was run and managed by CPM’s design team, Katie Akker and Paul Borden.

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