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Relocation Project Management with Kramer-Wilson

Kramer-Wilson is a prominent Los Angeles-based insurance company that was formed in 1972 by Weldon Wilson and Lawrence Kramer. Over the years, Kramer-Wilson expanded their services to Homeowners, Earthquake, Business, and Auto insurance while simultaneously growing their staff to around 240 employees. After over 40 years in the same building in North Hollywood, the company decided to move from their untouched, blast-from-the-past headquarters to a new, revamped, modern office building in Van Nuys. In 2014, renovation on their new space took way. In August 2015, construction finally came to a head and the move of all Kramer-Wilson employees and staff had to be prepped, planned and executed.

CPM was initially brought on board to provide Relocation Project Management services which entailed developing the scope of work, creating project timelines & schedules, coordinating with key stakeholders, and overseeing the entire relocation process. Once there was a plan in place, CPM was then selected for Move and IT Disconnect/Reconnect services and Decommissioning of the old space. The CPM Move crew was not only responsible for the physical move itself, but providing packing materials and equipment necessary for the move to take place.

The move was scheduled to take place in a single phase from August 11-17, 2015. In order for the project to stay on schedule, the CPM RPM and Move team provided 2 days of pre-move activities, which included packing assistance of select files and storage and the relocation of non-essential items. The project was planned to a “T” and the staff from Kramer-Wilson transitioned smoothly and swiftly into their new space.

Thanks to the CPM team for another successful project:

Elizabeth Zuckerman- Project Manager

Marco Cortez- Administration

Ignacio Negrete Jr.- Lead Installer

Jonny Rivera- Lead Mover/Packer

Guadalupe Jijan – Lead Mover