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Special Series Part 4: What are the Benefits of using a Relocation Project Management Company?

In this four-part special series, we have discussed: When is a good time to recruit a Relocation Project Management firmWhy is it important to secure the services of a Relocation Project Management firmWhat are the services of a Relocation Project Management. The last installment will cover: What are the benefits of using a Relocation Project Management firm.

What are the benefits of using a Relocation Project Management firm?

An office relocation is a challenging task for any company and the amount of detail and thorough planning regarding both the project schedule and budget is enormous and time-consuming. A Relocation Project Management Company like CPM will help you avoid pitfalls by guiding you through an early project planning process and help with avoiding costly mistakes and numerous change orders that frequently occur when a company tries to manage a relocation project on their own, without relevant experience.

Working with a Relocation Project Management firm reduces stress and their relocation team becomes an integral part of your relocation process. Other activities and benefits include:

Relocation Project Planning:

  • Define projects goals, objectives and align with strategy
  • Establish a project core team including key stakeholders and representatives
  • Generate and monitor comprehensive project schedule
  • Coordinate and schedule all move tasks and logistics
  • Manage detailed move matrix and prepare a final list of distribution
  • Assist in developing contingency plans to maintain critical path deadlines

Minimize Risks:

  • Has the in-depth knowledge of what to anticipate during the relocation
  • Pro-active and flexible in developing contingency plans to mitigate risks
  • Strives for business continuity and minimal disruption
  • Has years of experience and will identify critical components

Cost Savings, On-Time and Within budget:

  • Analyze project deliverables and timeframe
  • Prepare budgets and review changes and the impact on the budget
  • Thinking outside the box and with years of experience a Relocation Project Management firm will employ proven cost-saving strategies
  • Accomplish your goals with the project on time and within budget


  • The Relocation Project Manager is the single point of contact throughout the entire project eliminating miscommunication and confusion
  • Schedule follow-up meetings to review project progress and address department questions and concerns
  • Lead town hall style meetings open to all employees to review move information and answer questions

Vendor and Building Coordination:

  • Coordinate building logistics with Property Manager in both origin and destination
  • Provide proper Certificate of Insurance pre-required by building management
  • Work with GC, selected mover and various vendors to clearly communicate master plan and logistics so to avoid conflicts of schedule
  • Manage vendors and monitor budget for cost containment

Mover Procurement, Implementation and Execution:

  • Work with the client to pre-qualify moving companies
  • Develop mover RFP, documenting inventories and floor plans
  • Schedule and conduct site walk-through
  • Analyze mover bids, provide bid summary and make recommendation
  • Develop Move Instruction packets
  • Coordinate building logistics including loading dock and freight elevator access
  • Provide on-site supervision at both origin and destination
  • Execute the move work plan taking any required preventative action

Furniture Planning:

  • Existing Furniture
  • Inventory existing furniture and assess condition
  • Assist with re-use furniture planning and strategy
  • Provide detailed furniture inventory matrix and database
  • Reconfiguration planning and logistics
  • New Furniture
  • Design, configuration and planning
  • Assist with furniture selection process
  • Generate and issue furniture RFP
  • Specify, procure, deliver and install new furniture

Post Move/Project Closure:

  • Establish and set up Post Move Desk to triage questions, issues and punch-list items
  • Manage movers and vendors to streamline post move related requests
  • Provide Client with status and post move request analysis

 Hiring a Relocation Project Management Company like CPM will save time and money in the long run and the upside is the cost will show up on the balance sheet and at the end, this will translate into cost-savings from the result of engaging a Relocation Project Management Company.

Unless your firm has professionals with relevant relocation project management experience and the time to dedicate to your project, hiring a Relocation Project Management firm whose business is relocation management is a cost-effective and prudent business decision. This will allow you to focus on your business, ease the pressure, reduce the stress, lower your risk and disruption during a relocation transition allowing you to achieve better results.

If you are considering implementing a relocation project, call CPM to help you navigate through the currents so you can have smooth sailing.

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