Move Logistics and Storage Program

CPM understands the success of a move is based on proper allocation of human resources, equipment and material. Our moving and storage services are done in-house and by our experienced team. Whether you are relocating your inventory, moving a factory to a new space, or transferring a heavy piece of equipment to another facility CPM has the experience and expertise to get your project done properly, on time, within budget, and without affecting employee productivity.

Moving and Storage Services

  • Furniture & Equipment Inventory
  • Moving
  • FF&E Installations
  • Office Reconfigurations
  • Space Planning
  • IT Breakdown and Furniture Installation
  • Temporary Storage
  • Long-term Storage
  • Pickup & Delivery

Web Based Asset Management

The ease of use with CPM Space Management Software allows you to track your office and business assets in your office and warehouse easily. Reduce costs and skip the headache of asset logistics with our Space Management Software.

  • Web BasedStorage & Asset Management
  • View & Track any asset by type, location & contract details
  • Determine total cost of ownership throughout lifecycle
  • Create real-time transparency with configurable, role-based dashboards.

Furniture Installation Services

CPM provides a wide variety of office furniture options to maximize office space, increase work surface area and improve storage space capacity. Together with our Project Management and Space Planning services, our furniture installation team can provide you with a complete office reconfiguration to maximize the functionality of your workplace. Our team can also work with LEED standards to make sure your space is environmentally friendly.

  • Complete Office Reconfiguration
  • Space Planning
  • IT & Furniture Breakdown and InstallationIntegrated Installation Services

Asset Disposition – Sustainable and Responsible

Asset Disposition is a significant issue for all companies. CPM is a complete asset disposition and recycling service provider. We believe in environment stewardship and creating a better tomorrow.

CPM offers several integrated solutions that are flexible and will address your specific asset disposal requirements and objectives. We will also help you create a successful and sustainable asset disposition process that integrates into your management process system. Our mission is to dispose of any furniture or equipment responsibly and with confidence that it is being diverted from a landfill. CPM partners with outside companies to recycle and donate our clients’ unwanted items. We keep you informed with a detailed asset report documentation.

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