Relocation Services

Relocation Services with a Proven Record of Success

CPM One Source has staff, systems and resources for managing and performing transfers that have proven successful time and time again. CPM One Source will pre-plan, project manage, and implement your relocation from start to completion. We remove the headache and hassle, freeing you up to concentrate on core business operations.

At CPM One Source, we realize that every move is unique and that success is based on the proper allocation of human resources, equipment and materials. We begin by analyzing your specific needs and creating an accurate inventory of all items to be moved. We then survey building conditions, access and any additional factors that may affect the relocation process.

CPM One Source, Inc. is Your Relocation Solution

The attention to detail and timely responses that are required to successfully complete an office relocation are significant. Thus, few organizations have the capability or desire to take on a complex relocation project. CPM One Source is a full service relocation partner for business and organizations that we work with. Our relocation group will work seamlessly with your key staff to become a cohesive and highly effective team, enabling a timely and cost effective relocation.

Relocation Management Deliverables:

  • Plan and coordinate relocation or asset management
  • Develop project schedules
  • Identify project issues and risks
  • Develop, coordinate, and execute project goals
  • Develop employee seating charts
  • Develop moving matrices
  • Inventory space plans
  • Coordinate Real Estate and Property Management
  • Procure certificates of insurance
  • Perform post project support
  • Act as owner’s or client’s representation
  • Become part of your team

Would You Like More Help?

CPM One Source is in the business of helping organizations of all types. We are a full-service project management company specializing in office relocation, furniture procurement, space planning & design, furniture reconfiguration, storage & warehousing, and asset management.