About IRG

IRG is a nationwide real estate development and investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and industrial real estate throughout the United States. IRG, through its affiliated partnerships and limited liability companies, operates a portfolio containing over 150 properties in 28 states with over 100 million square feet of rentable space. IRG is nationally recognized as a leading force behind the adaptive reuse of commercial and industrial real estate, solving some of America’s most difficult real estate challenges.


“Our original office space housed three departments, the investments group, corporate group, and the law department,” said Kayla, who is the Vice President of Investor Relations. Over the past year, however, IRG quickly outgrew their space as a result of hiring new talent. This made the collaborative and communicative culture of our workplace a bit “stuffy.”

IRG decided that a relocation to a bigger building space was imperative to their vision of creating a collaborative culture. “We called CPM because we knew that a relocation consultant would act as an expert to achieve our relocation vision. We needed a relocation team that would understand our business divisions and how they interacted with each other.


CPM worked as IRG’s Relocation Consultants to formulate move plans that supported the business needs, maintained continuity and minimized downtime. CPM acted as the owner’s representative to over-see the move of the new space. Overall project management responsibility included:

  • Owner’s representation: Representation of IRG to various stakeholders: Building Management and vendors.
  • Move Management
  • Worked with IRG to create space plan consisting of culture fit and floor plan of departmental organization
  • Vendor coordination and furniture installation.


The CPM project team worked closely with Kayla, IRG Vice President to provide clear communications, keeping the employees informed of all move related activities to ensure a smooth transition. Weekly meetings were held with the facilities team and department representatives to discuss move strategy, schedule and process. CPM’s Senior Project Manager delivered a presentation with key timeline, packing, tagging and move related information to all employees.

CPM decided that 5 services need to be provided as Relocation Project Management firm.

In order to create a collaborative environment for the three departments and increase workplace functionality, CPM meticulously space planned the departments into three sections with various meeting spaces and cafe’s. This space plan made it effective for IRG in working in unison between departments while also having the independence of its department.

The Result

A New Headquarters That Fostered A Collaborative Workplace

Two and half months after contacting CPM, IRG successfully relocated (#people) from Santa Monica to a (SQ FT) Marina Delray.

With CPM’s relocation success, IRG moved into a space that could spaciously house three business functions with talent expansion in mind. The three key divisions was to share our new headquarters was the Business Operations division, law firm division, and investment company. CPM achieved IRG’s mission of collaborative workspaces with workspaces outside its private offices and designed its workplace so future workforce would not affect the space plan.

The new space boasted 30 desks from its initial 5 and replaced 80% of its old workplace furniture.

“CPM consultants really did an amazing job. The division of our departments was meticulously planned to not only create organization of departments, but also allow open space encouraging collaboration for the departments. 1 wing of the office is IRG, the middle is the law firm, and the other wing is our investor relations. I see teams collaborating in meeting spaces and open workplaces which gives everyone a peace of mind.”

“When you have so many different roles within the company like a vice president, analyst, attorney, a collaborative but distinct office is crucial to a company’s success – CPM achieved our vision perfectly.”

“We have a lot more collaborative room for employees, which was important for our functions as a office. We have a section for the law firm, a section for investors, and a section for our corporate team. The open spaces allow us to collaborate within business divisions while also facilitating work efficiency within the business funciton.”

International Vendor – Furniture installation by CPM

International Vendor – Furniture installation by CPM

Farfetch Meeting Area – International Vendor – Furniture installation by CPM

Farfetch Lobby- International Vendor – Furniture installation by CPM