Moving & Storage Solutions

CPM analyzes your specific move and storage needs to create a solution that meets your requirements. We can also provide a comprehensive inventory of all items to be moved. We are committed to excellence in customer service and we strive for accuracy and timeliness so employee productivity is unaffected.

Whether you are relocating your inventory, moving a factory to a new space, or transferring a heavy piece of equipment to another facility, CPM has the experience and expertise to get your project done properly on time and within budget.

Storage Solutions

  • Temporary Storage

  • Long Term Storage

  • Pick Up & Delivery

Asset Management Cloud

  • Cloud Inventory and Manage

  • Cloud Asset Management

  • Track Assets Lifecycle

Furniture Installation Services

  • Complete Office Reconfiguration

  • Space Planning

  • IT & Furniture Breakdown and Installation

Furniture Installation Services

CPM relocation logistics means working together with our Project Management team to provide you with a scalable service that maximizes the functionality of your workplace. Our team bring space plannin expertise as well as an ability to handle furnitures vendors, big or small, local or international.

See how we used our storage solution in a CPM Headquarter Relocation Project: Learn More


A Cloud Storage Solution For Your Workplace Assets

The ease of use with CPM Space Management Software allows you to track your office and business assets in your office and warehouse easily. Reduce costs and skip the headache of asset logistics with our Space Management Software.


Storage & Asset Management Cloud

View & Track any asset by type, location & contract details

Determine total cost of ownership throughout lifecycle

Empower operations to perform essential preventative maintenance

Create real-time transparency with configurable, role-based dashboards.