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Exploring CPM Integrated Workplace Management System Space Module Powered by iOffice

As a Business Partner of iOffice, CPM offers an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), a powerful tool that provides smarter solutions to managing office and facility services. iOffice is designed to increase productivity and cut operating expenses by providing Software as a Service (SaaS) model with easy-to-use, contemporary and intuitive user interface, and highly configurable open system. iOffice is also modular so you only use the applications that fit your business requirements. The benefit of the software is significantly reduced facility disruptions, IT re-engineering, training time and upfront costs.

CPM will effectively manage your space and assets with iOffice’s four modules: Space Module, Move Module, Service Request Module and Asset Module.

We’ll be exploring these four modules of iOffice and how we use it to manage our client’s workplace resources over the next few weeks.

Utilizing the Space Module

 In order to effectively manage space today and for the office of the future, it is critical to understand what type of space exists, how it is used, and which groups are using the space. If you are still using static copies of floor plans that have to be manually updated, it is difficult and extremely time-consuming! Facility Managers need a Space Management Software that is easy to implement, provides accurate, real-time information, and easy to use with just a couple of clicks…and is cost-effective.

The Space Module helps improve your space utilization and lease performance with a dynamic interface that provides real-time information. The module assists with:

Location Management

  • Manage and view multiple locations within a single application
  • View detailed stats on space occupancy, capacity and square footage at a portfolio, building and floor level
  • Create stacking diagrams that allow you to visualize space utilization on a building level
  • Create occupant and asset scenario plans and colored floor plans by occupancy, room type, and cost center layers
  • Agreement management and lease abstract capability
  • Populate assets on the drawing such as office or life safety equipment
  • Personalize room parameters such as name, description, and room based assets
  • Annotate floor plans to be maintained privately for planning or publish for end user views

Forecasting and Planning

  • Forecast space needs based on employee population change

  • Calculate utilization in a variety of ways, including occupancy, room type or use and cost center or department

  • Flexible scenario planning helps reduce costs


You could carry your desktop or laptop computer or your paper floor plans around while walking the floors, but why? iOffice’s Space Mobile App has all the functionality that is available on desktop now on a tablet.

  • Space use and details can be viewed and edited
  • Move scenarios can be created and edited
  • Asset location and profile data can be updated
  • Annotations can be created and saved
  • Ability to tap on a room and see and edit all of its attributes

And don’t worry if you don’t have WIFI access – the changes you make will save and update once you connect to WIFI.

 Making Smarter Space Decisions

The Space Module has an intuitive user interface, so there’s no IT cost to implement or support. Our frustration-free training and implementation process can help clients start using iOffice IWMS in a few weeks, not months. There’s no competitive monthly subscriptions, no long term contracts, no renewals. A site license with unlimited users and include:

  • Application & database hosting
  • Maintenance and support
  • Data backups
  • Software upgrades
  • Mobile apps

By having the most accurate data available at all times, we’re able to make the right decisions to maximize space efficiently and effectively. Find out more about our Space & Asset Management services here.