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Special Series Part 1: When to Recruit a Relocation Project Management Firm

Growth is essential, which means change is inevitable. Navigating through these times will take a comprehensive plan, a strategy, good communication and an experienced relocation project management team to implement the project.  

In this four-part special series, we will discuss: When is a good time to recruit a Relocation Project Management firm; Why is it important to secure the services of a Relocation Project Management firm; What are the services of a Relocation Project Management firm and What are the benefits of using a Relocation Project Management firm.

When should your company start the process of recruiting a Relocation Project Management firm?

As early as possible, when you have a goal for your office relocation but no plan. When you don’t know where to start or what to do is a good time to recruit a relocation project management firm.

The Relocation Project Manager works as an extension to your internal team and will provide invaluable insight on various components of the project. To start, the Relocation PM will:

  • Initiate a meeting to clearly understand the scope of work
  • Identify constraints and obstacles
  • Formulate the vision on how the project will come together
  • Bring the team together to review the scope of work and define roles and responsibilities, making sure no details are missed

In addition to planning, the Relocation PM is also key in communicating and coordinating with all vendors involved. Whether you are doing a build-out or renovating a space, the Relocation PM will attend all construction meetings to obtain critical and pertinent information to plan for a seamless transition.

For example, the Relocation PM will work in conjunction with the General Contractor to coordinate furniture and IT equipment delivery and installation. The Relocation PM will also strategically plan the scheduling of the loading dock and freight elevators to avoid conflicts, making the transition easier.

Safeguarding Your Investment

The changing workforce, future trends and company strategies all play a role in redefining the office workplace, and the workplace is an important element of your business. It is “home” to your employees, it defines your image and brand, it affects innovation and creativity and most importantly it affects employee and customer satisfaction. Lots of workspaces are a collaborative space with vendors and customers. This collaboration in your workspace is now an effective marketing tool that gives you additional exposure to your target market.

With all these external elements, the workplace is being transformed into the “modern workplace” for employees, customers and vendors. It is a place to conduct business, run meetings and host social events.

An office transition is a significant investment for your business that deserves the proper attention and consideration. Safeguard your business by using a Relocation Project Management firm to help save a relocation project from completely disrupting your day-to-day business.

If you are considering implementing a relocation project, call CPM to help you navigate through the currents so you can have smooth sailing.