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Special Series Part 2: Why Companies Need Relocation Project Management Services

In this four-part special series, we will discuss: When is a good time to recruit a Relocation Project Management firm; Why is it important to secure the services of a Relocation Project Management firm; What are the services of a Relocation Project Management firm and What are the benefits of using a Relocation Project Management firm.

Why do companies need relocation project management services?

Relocation Project Managers work on relocation projects day in and day out. Their specialty is to anticipate and prioritize tasks and, more importantly, mitigate risks and downtime that can affect business continuity.

A Relocation Project Manager’s primary responsibility is to plan, strategize, and coordinate the logistics of a relocation. It is their full-time job. They are the SMEs (subject matter experts) in the industry. Relocation Project Managers also work with your outside vendors such as architects, designers, general contractors, electricians, audio/visual, and furniture vendors to master plan and keep the project on track without conflict of schedule, delivery, and installation. Relocation Project Managers anticipate potential risks and proactively adjust your schedules and resources to avoid unnecessary delays, which can ultimately save time, money, and lets you focus on your core business.

A successful Relocation Project Management company will manage, implement, and execute all the tasks that go into a relocation project including:

  • Generate and manage master project schedule
  • Conduct regular meetings with the internal core tea>
  • Track project schedule, budget and task list
  • Conduct space walk-through to gather pertinent information and data to carefully orchestrate a relocation project

Relocation Project Managers will alleviate the burden and stress from a relocation not only for the client but everyone involved on this project, bringing success to a seamless relocation transition.

Protecting your Assets

Expanding the workforce, anticipating future trends, and your company’s productivity are all essential pieces to creating a strong workplace for your business. Your workplace is home base for your employees, it’s the central hub for everything that your business stands for, and the work created here will impact your employees and your customers. Many workspaces now become a collaborative space for vendors and customers. Being able to share a space with others is a powerful marketing tool that you can share externally to prospective customers and employees.

Transitioning to a new office is a significant task in terms of scheduling and planning, and it deserves proper attention and consideration. By using a Relocation Project Management firm to aid in your move, you’ll save the hassle of disrupting your day to day business.

If you are considering implementing a relocation project, call CPM to help you navigate through the currents so you can have a smooth sailing transition to a new workplace.


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